• Power, Energy and Transportation Lab

    We are standing in the doorway of the next technical revolution in transportation and renewable energy sectors. Striving for energy independence, electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles are making a quantum leap and are strongly positioning themselves in manufacturing and service over the next 20-30 years.

    Wind and solar technologies have reached the development and affordability levels to compete with coal burning. These are the jobs of today and tomorrow, where I see my students taking technology leadership positions.

    California, and especially Southern California, is like none other state in the union. Here is the prime market for new mobile and renewable technologies. The Power, Energy and Transportation program enjoys the support of dozens world wide known Research & Development and manufacturing companies.

  • Lab Equipment


    Bruker 350m450

    Electrical Vehicle Charging Station

    4 charging stations in total. 

    10kW Solar Installation

    Located on the ECST Building.