• Geonvironmental and Water Resources Engineering Lab

    Geoenvironmental and Water Resources Engineering Lab contains state-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation for investigating hydrogeological and transport processes in porous media, and reactive transport phenomena. In particular, research focuses on the use of steady-state centrifugation to investigate such processes in unsaturated low-conductivity soils in the vadose zone. The lab has one of the few Unsaturated flow apparatus (UFA) available in the World and a newly acquired NSF MRI-funded high-payload centrifuge (200lb/arm and 200g).

  • Lab Equipment

    Varian CP-3800 Gas Chromatograph, with Flame Ionation Detector

    The Varian CP-3800 GC is Varian's top of line Gas Chromatograph with a flexible platform for single, dual, or three-channel configuration for maximum productivity. The CP-3800 Gas Chromatograph is easily upgraded to multi-valve, multi-column configuration to handle complicated analysis.

    Micrometrics Tri Star Surface Area Analyzer

    TriStar 3000 is an automated surface area and porosimetry analyzer which contains three ports, allowing you to analyze up to three samples simultaneously. The TriStar 3000 system consists of the TriStar analyzer, a VacPrep 061 degassing unit which removes adsorbed contaminants from the surface and pores of your sample in preparation for analysis, a vacuum pump, and a control module (computer) for entering analysis and report options.

    Perkin Elmer Series II 2400 CHNS/O Analyzer

    The PerkinElmer® 2400 Series II CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer (2400 Series II) is a proven instrument for the rapid determination of the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur or oxygen content in organic and other types of materials. It has an advanced combustion design that gave it the capability of handling a wide variety of sample types in the field of pharmaceuticals, polymers, chemicals, environmental and energy, including solids, liquids, volatile and viscous samples. The analyzer has three mode of operation: CHN, CHNS and Oxygen.

    Waters 2690 High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph, with Waters 996 Photodiode Array Detector

    This Waters Alliance 2690 HPLC Separations Module can be used for in-vitro diagnostic testing to analyze many compounds. The Module is an integrated solvent and sample management platform. The system includes waters 996 photodiode array (PDA) Detector.

    Dionex ASE 200 Accelerated Solvent Extractor

    The ASE is an instrument used for extracting solid and semisolid samples with liquid, organic or aqueous solvents. It uses conventional liquid solvents at elevated temperatures and pressures to increase the efficiency of the extraction process. The solvents are used at elevated temperatures and pressures to increase the speed and efficiency of the extraction process. The increased temperature accelerates the extraction kinetics, while elevated pressure keeps the solvent below its boiling point, thus enabling safe and rapid extractions. The ASE is equipped with a Solvent Controller which allows automated delivery of up to four solvents.

    Marathon 21000 Multipurpose Centrifuge

    The centrifuge is a high-speed (up to 15,000 RPM), multipurpose centrifuge used in medical, industrial, and scientific applications. It accommodate a swinging bucket or fixed angle rotor and can process a variety of tubes, bottles, and microsample tubes. Acceleration and brake rates of the centrifuge may be controlled to optimize runs: rapid for fast separations or slow for delicate samples.