• Research Component: Properties and Applications of Overdoped High-Temperature Superconductors

    The ultimate goal is to discover superconductivity at temperatures high enough to revolutionize energy-related technologies. This part of the project will also be utilized in the determination of the best parameters in the OD range of high-temperature cuprate superconductors for specific applications. The second part of the project is an applied research project on high-temperature superconducting tapes to enhance their critical densities and irreversibility fields for high-current applications such as power cables and high-field magnets.

  • Component Faculty

    Dr. Guomeng Zhao (Component Leader)

    Dr. Adel Sharif

    Dr. Radi Jishi

    Dr. Oscar Bernal

    Dr. Armen Kocharian

  • Component Students

    Wouter Gravesteijn

    Mr. Allen Marquez

    Mr. Armond Khodagulyan(Alumni)

    Kevin Castillo(Alumni)