The concept of sustainable energy research, as realized by CEaS, involves a multi-disciplinary effort to address issues of making existing energy technologies more efficient while pursuing emerging alternate energy technologies that are not reliant on fossil fuels. We conduct transformative research to promote energy diversity, efficiency, and sustainability while training diverse and talented engineers and scientists to catalyze change in this field. We also engage policymakers, schools, and the public to ensure that the technological advances are robust, widely understood and adopted.

Research Thrust Areas

The Center involves 11 faculty members from eight interdisciplinary departments at Cal State LA who lead efforts in 3 research thrust areas. Several projects address short-term mitigations of current energy concerns, while some projects address long-term goals of moving away from carbon-based energy dependence.

  • Advanced Materials Multiple methodologies and materials are being tested to develop novel photovoltaic materials.

  • Microfluidic-based Fuel Cells and Optimization The broad goals of this research are to develop a novel microfluidic-based direct methanol fuel cell (µDMFC) and to assess its efficiency.

  • Modeling Development of mathematical models, algorithms and numerical simulations of different engery-related phenomena and systems investigated by other research thrusts.